Find Out If The LG V30 The Best LG Phone Released So Far!

Is The LG V30 The Best LG Phone Released So Far?

The LG V30 has been touted as one of if not the best LG phone in existence. It’s still super modern and is more so of a feature-packed, richly enhanced phone.  There is much attention to detail and expandable storage for microSD; it has fast wireless charging, IP certified waterproofing, a headphone jack, USB type C, and a 32-bit quad act; the 3300 milliamp-hour battery onboard has promise.  It features a fingerprint reader on the back, where it’s reachable.

In terms of the design: The phone has a huge display upfront with sides that round off smoothly with curved corners.  It’s thin and lightweight in the hand.  The screen is a six-inch 2880×1440 OLED display; the screen gets enormously bright and is visible outdoors than most Samsung phones in terms of color, saturation, brightness, and clarity.

And now we get to the phone camera, which may be the most remarkable aspect of the LG V30.  Shots from the camera look top-notch it has punch, saturated colors, is clean, contrast, dynamic range, and plenty of detail to name a few.  The cameras fixed aperture of F1.6 allows for getting close to snapping a sharp photo of your subject and having a nice blurred aesthetic background.  The super wide-angle camera has less distortion, making for a nice wide-angle rectilinear perspective.  The selling part of the phone camera is the application within it that allows for zooming in and out with the shutter button with a huge amount of settings and modes.  All the featured modes on the camera portion of the phone making this phone a camera enthusiasts’ dream.

Other Details:

  • The price of the LG V30 when first released was priced around $800, depending on the carrier, but now you can get it unlocked for under $400.
  • The LG V30 Plus with 128GB storage was limited to only US Cellular and Sprint customers in the United States, however, you can now purchase the GSM unlocked international model from big retailers such as Amazon.  (NOTE) For the mobile cellphone illiterates: A GSM unlocked phone is a phone that gives you the freedom of choice to switch out sim cards and gives you the autonomy, concerning which carrier you want to use.  If you buy a phone from the T-Mobile store, then you may get a locked phone that limits your phone to only be compatible with the T-Mobile network, however, with an unlocked phone, you have no restrictions to which network you want to use, and with GSM compatibility technology, which comprises of 90% of the global market, all you have to do is buy a sim card from just about any carrier such as AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, etc.  This is why it’s important to buy a GSM unlocked phone from either a phone manufacturer or a non-carrier such as a third-party retailer or a big neutral retail outlet, like Amazon, that may have nothing to gain from selling you a locked device.  Either way, no matter where you shop, make sure you double-check to see if your device is locked or unlocked.
  • The 64GB LG V30 version will come in: Cloud Silver, Lavender Violet, Aurora Black, and Moroccan Blue but is now only in Aurora Black and can be used with AT&T only if purchased at Amazon.
  • When first released, you could’ve received a Daydream View VR headset for free at any of the major carriers, outside of Sprint.  This deal looks to be no longer available.

Feel free to chime in below and point out if any necessary details were overlooked.